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Access information and special needs requirements for your glamping holiday in Pembrokeshire

Trellyn is a really special place to stay and so we will do our best to accommodate special needs and requirements. If you have any special needs please ask and we will do our best to make your stay a great experience.

Trellyn woodland campsite is accessed from the lane that goes into Abercastle by a track approx, 100 metres long with grass growing in the middle of it ! So, its off limits to really low slung cars, Ferraris , Lamborghinis although if you let us know ahead of time and you’ll let Claire have a ride we might be able to arrange for special parking for you !

Rest assured your average Mini, Ford, Nissan Elgrand, BMW and family car has no problem what so ever.

Motor homes up to 7.5 metre have no problem at all getting down our lane. This is a gentle slope into the main entrance of the site. It is trimmed but is only just over a vehicles width and so is fine for high sided motor homes and vans. WE DO our best to keep under control but please let us know if we haven’t trimmed any wayward plants as they grow so fast its difficult to keep up !

The site is predominately flat with interconnecting tracks of fine dressed gravel which are great for cycling on and stay well drained even in heavy down pours. It is as described, a meadow which is uneven and can be cycled on but is only trimmed a little to keep as natural as possible so the grass maybe up to (200 mm high) to attract butterflies etc.

All other pitches, yurts etc. have compacted gravel approach and parking.

As there are only 11 families here at the most traffic is not a problem for young children and cycling is encouraged.

Specific access details that may affect limited mobility people:

Access to facilities building is up a small ramp (100 mm high) and over a threshold strip 45 mm high.

Narrowest door way to shower toilets, shower is 715 mm wide. The shower cubical is 900 mm sq. on 1 and 1200 x 800 mm.

Access to the Hobbit yurt

Access is via a slab laid path and entrance to yurt is over a 150 mm threshold on 2 entrances and 2 steps up to 3rd entrance.

Starlight Sailor yurt

This yurt has 3 steps of approx. 150 mm high and a standard width door with 50 mm high threshold.

Beachcomber yurt

This yurt has been refurbished this year and has a gentle slope with a 120 mm step threshold.

Dome from Home

The dome is accessed via 5 steps that are gravel based.

Star Dome

The dome is accessed via 3 steps that are gravel based.

We can provide a small chemical toilet on request which can be used any of the structures if there is a special requirement by one of our visitors.

Guide dogs

We are a dog free site but we make an exception for guide dogs and will accommodate a guide dog with owner but politely request that it is not allowed on any of our bedding and in any case by arrangement only.

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