Camping and Glamping holidays in Pembrokeshire…

A more sustainable, eco-friendly approach to camping in West Wales

Set in a farming industrialised landscape -

Pembrokeshire and in particularly the part of the coast that we are in, is in the Northern heart of the Pembrokeshire Coast National park. Like much of the UK it has had man's influence for many thousand of years and been intensively farmed for more than a hundred years. Farming being the primary cause for displacement of nature and biodiversity in this area. It has been pushed all but out the way reduced to borders of fields and narrow strips of land along the coast. Tourism allows us to push back and let nature alone on a small pocket of the park.
Man has been here...

...for thousands of years

Rewilding the Valley-

There are now pockets where nature has been given every chance to recover, a foot hold, to get re-established. We have and continue to do our best to "rewild" our land. Over the last 23 years we have planted thousands of trees and taken an industrial farmed landscape and reverted it back to wilderness. There are more than 50 varieties of birds around with the most recent arrival being Kingfishers on our small lake. There are snakes, lizards, stoats, weasels, bats, badgers and much more running, flying and creeping through the valley. Most arrivals over the last 12-15 years.

Every year we add, adapt, plant, improve the experience here to bring nature to the door (and sometimes) inside your tent. Our priority has been to build a habitat with natural resilience and variation to include the most possible species, fauna and flora and let nature get on with what it does best.

Short season and a self capped capacity

Our campsite is only open for a short season to protect the environment and to go "easy" on the ground. As a result, you will share your holiday with many creatures and flora and fauna of Pembrokeshire. We actively encourage wildlife by providing habitats both natural and artificial (bat boxes and nesting boxes).

Other creatures, well they just make themselves at home anywhere they like...
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Investing in the future and recycling now

Some of our ground is grazed "lightly"by sheep in return for fertilization. Some areas including the valley meadow and areas of the woods/brush, are left completely natural with many varieties of wild flowers and all the insects, butterflies, dragonflies etc. that you would expect and some that are rarer too.

We have been particularly successful with bats, newts, and small wild birds, with returning nesting pairs of ravens, swallows, sparrow hawks, peregrines and many other varieties. All of which you will probably see during your stay.

2019 will see us planting more trees, comprising a variety of natives including Oak, Ash, Alder, Hawthorn and many other lesser species.

We encourage recycling and composting onsite. Hot water is provided by a solar hot water heating system and on the not so sunny days, the heating is backed up by renewable electricity. Likewise, our toilets and drains empty in to our own sewage treatment system , so reducing our impact on the local environment. This is another reason why we limit the total number of visitors to 50 or so and keep the season short.

We are able to recycle, most plastics, plastic bottles, metal/tins/cans, glass, tetra packs, raw vegetable waste and cooked food waste. Where possible we try to re-home re-purpose, broken camping equipment and other sundry items.

Really apart from nappies and a very few other items we recycle 95% of normal rubbish.

We use "waterless" toilets on-site on to reduce the amount of water we use which in turn reduces the need for treating large amounts of contaminated water.

Naturist camping and getting back to nature

Whilst we don't proclaim to be a naturist campsite, we couldn't be completely, due to the proximity of our facilities to a bridle path. So can't allow people moving around the site but, we do have a relaxed attitude to "being free" of textiles on a few of our Glamping pitches that are very secluded and private in their setting, So for the all over sun tan or just feeling at one with nature we recommend the Beach Comber Yurt or the Star Dome, where you can have your very own bit of private exposure should you desire.

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