Woodland Camping

Dandelions home ~ A woodland camping pitch.

A south facing camping pitch set in the woodland nearest to the facilities and wood store with a covered campfire area pitched between the trees. A picnic table and grill are on the pitch with a chopping log. “Ensuite” waterless toilet ensures your convenience and this pitch has electric hook up if required.

This was originally the first camp pitch we had 18 years ago when we started and was the first to have electric hook up. We haven’t used it much for the last few years as its was a bit on the small side compared to our other pitches. We have now re-planted some new trees and cleared a few others the result is a lovely setting nice and close to the facilities and more central on the site.

The track that goes down to the meadow and sea (not a through road) runs the other side of a Pembrokeshire bank which gives this site some nice privacy. Access to the campfire area and picnic table which has an elevated view over the pitch and through the surrounding woodland is at the back of the pitch and gives you a really nice sense of being in the woods. Over it has a large tarp suspended in the trees giving you cover from the rain so everyday can be a campfire day. The electric hook up is there too if you require it and also it is rumoured to get 4G reception with some providers.
It’s called Dandelion’s home as one of our grey cats frequents the pitch and in the past with a cooperative guest she can quite happily live there for days at a time. But don’t worry if you are allergic to cats she stays away from cups of water ;-). The sun gets on this pitch late morning to early afternoon as it is in the woods the sun then dapples through the canopy till sunset as the trees are a good size for 25 years old.
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This site is flat and level and in part a “hard base” all weather pitch which means it can take a motorhome, camper van or similar with ease and doesn’t turn soggy when it rains. It does mean you must have steel pegs though as plastic is not much good and lightweight aluminium ones tend to bend if they hit larger parts of the gravel. The other part of the pitch is wood chip covered so stays good underfoot with weather.
With the surrounding trees there are opportunities for putting up a hammock or if like some regular guests you want to set up camp in the trees by hammock or use tentsile tree-tent.
In the spring the surrounding woodland is carpeted in blue bells before the ferns and other plants over take them growing up to 3-4 feet high. This means in June you can be sat at your fire and see little else than the canopy and surrounding fauna. By the school holidays some of the growth has died down and views across the woodland can be glimpsed.

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